Clothes Minded.

In 1995, Rhode Island-based Turfer Sportswear became the first official APEX client. This family-owned company contracted with us to produce their product catalog and sales materials. It led to a relationship that lasted for nearly a decade and spawned a creative team that included top-notch photographers, sharp copywriters, and savvy marketing professionals.

In addition to the yearly product catalog design, the project also included direct mail postcards and trade publication advertising.

The project marketing materials required intense studio product photography which was created with the expertise of Phoenix, Arizona pro Bob Carey. He and his team meticulously styled and shot the extensive Turfer product line each year. To show the sporty and comfortable apparel in use, iconic Newport, Rhode Island shooter Onne van der Wal captured compelling location imagery from Montana to South Africa. These spectacular creative assets made our job designing the Turfer Sportswear materials a fun and rewarding process.

The Turfer visual brand was designed as a true family of logos to represent the pride and tradition of this family-owned business.

Early in the relationship, APEX also created a rebrand for both Turfer Sportswear and a new line of golf wear to be called The St. Martin Collection. The multi-part brand featured a dual Turfer logo system, as well as a compatible and playful logo and label for the new golf-focused product line.

Location photography in colorful New England combined with rich product imagery and clever copywriting made the catalog both handsome and engaging.

With a seasoned and knowledgeable client, the strategic marketing prowess of Providence-based Acadia Consulting Group, and the APEX creative team, Turfer was destined to be one of our earliest success stories. As a testament to their product quality, we even ordered custom APEX-branded apparel to wear and offer to our other clients as thank you gifts. Thankfully, both the memories of the Turfer relationship and their remarkable products are still keeping us warm 25 years later.

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