Lighting it up.

Designing the graphics for a semi-truck wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when APEX was hired by Wybron, Inc., a cutting-edge lighting company. But before long, our graphic concept for their Mobile Light Lab was rolling across U.S. highways, bringing their products and expertise directly to their clients in colorful style.

In 2011, we were introduced to Colorado Springs-based Wybron, Inc. by Sara Strategies. Wybron’s specialty was to design lighting equipment specifically for theaters, concert venues, churches and other architectural applications. Their unique lighting products offered the perfect visuals for us to develop a bright, colorful graphic system that was applied to their sales and collateral materials.

A series of product sales brochures were designed to reflect the unusual colors and patterns of light bulbs that made up Wybron’s LED industrial fixtures.

The key design feature of our Wybron project was the creation of a logo and graphic treatment for Wybron’s ground-breaking Mobile Light Lab. This full-size semi tractor-trailer was completely outfitted as a traveling showroom, and the opportunity to apply their branding to a giant rolling billboard was a rare design opportunity for APEX.

The tour logo featured a rendering of the truck and was used on all web, digital, and printed materials supporting the campaign. With help from a talented group of vehicle wrapping specialists, the APEX creative vision for the Mobile Light Lab came to life in time for their inaugural cross country sales tour.

The Wybron Mobile Light Lab rolled out of the factory and hit the road for their “Visuality 2011 Tour” across the country.

The eye-catching Mobile Light Lab lit up the highways day and night as it showcased the Wybron brand across the U.S. As one of our largest-ever creations, not even Pikes Peak could upstage it.

So if you have a project that could use some big exposure, we’ll be happy to work with you to light it up. Contact us today. Consultation and estimates are always free.

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