Lightning Strike(out).

In 2013, APEX was asked to design a poster for the Air Force Falcons college football season. Although the design was one of our best efforts, it wasn’t selected by the client. Which made the poster one of our proudest creations and biggest disappointments.

Sometimes circumstances dictate that terrific creative concepts never make it past the design stage. The client, after all, has the final say in what they choose for their project creative assets. And while we don’t always agree with those choices, we make our best recommendations during the process. Consequently, once in a while a gem never gets to shine.

Case in point, the 2013 college football poster for the Colorado Springs-based Air Force Academy Falcons. With a lightning bolt on their helmet and a legacy of fearlessly taking flight, our poster design concept featured a Falcon player launching full horizontal with the football. Surrounded by a lightning strike and with a ghosted Thunderbird fighter jet screaming past in the background, the inspiring message was: Football. Full Throttle.

The college football poster is a key marketing element and a yearly opportunity for athletic programs to generate excitement and revenue.

Large dimensional AIR FORCE typography was hand-rendered in the traditional Falcon blue and white color palette, and the lower section of the poster included the dates and opponent logos for each game of the season, as well as contact info and sponsor logos.

Alas, another poster design was ultimately chosen, and we hold no grudges (can you tell?)… but we rescued the Football. Full Throttle. poster from the cutting room floor and still enjoy sharing this one that got away with our friends and clients. With the strange lack of college football this autumn, we hope this fills the void just a little until the pigskins fly above football fields across the country again.

Maybe you’re are looking for a poster that helps your event take flight? If so, contact us today. Consultation and estimates are always free.

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