“Mass” Communications.

The redesign of an entire newspaper can seem like an intimidating project, but when APEX was asked to create a brand new format and design system for The Colorado Catholic Herald, we were up for the challenge. In one of his first tasks, new Herald editor Bill Howard hired us to completely remake the newspaper which was the primary communication tool for Bishop Michael Sheridan, the shepherd of the Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs. The existing publication had been in dire need of an updated and efficient format that could deliver a wide array of Catholic news and information in a fresh and enticing package.

The clean and readable Herald editorial design format presented a variety of content from world news to Catholic opinion columns and local issue coverage.

The publication design format APEX created included a tight and organized system of column grids and section headers. A bold new Herald logo highlighted the design while a compatible selection of text and headline fonts allowed for easy readability. The overall grid design encouraged sizable imagery to enhance reader visual interest from issue to issue.

As part of the project deliverables, APEX provided the Herald staff with a series of digital working files and templates. These files made creating each issue a smooth process, allowing the staff to focus on providing top-notch editorial content and timely communications from the bishop to his flock.

As the mission of the Herald expanded, APEX was also asked to help with occasional special sections, and we happily provided our design, production, and even occasional copywriting efforts. Special features on topics such as human trafficking provided opportunities to explore the creative potential of the new design system. We even worked with the Herald staff to suggest and create unique content like a tour of the life-sized Stations of the Cross statues on a hillside in historic San Luis, Colorado.

APEX became a regular resource for The Colorado Catholic Herald, even providing photography and editorial content for occasional special features.

As the publication matured, it won regular design and editorial awards at the prestigious Catholic Press Association annual conference. One highlight of the APEX-Herald collaboration was a contest-winning design that was selected by the CPA as their 2008 promotional poster and directory cover artwork. The fun and compelling concept challenged Catholics to evaluate their use of the wide variety of media available to help strengthen their faith and knowledge, and it brought The Herald well-deserved national recognition.

“Food for the Body. Food for the Soul. How Does Your Diet Stack Up?” was the message in this award-winning Herald poster that featured the popular pancake breakfast, which is a common Sunday after-Mass tradition.

More recently, APEX partnered with APUBZ, Inc. to create a digital issue delivery system for a more mobile device-oriented audience. We also created a social media content hub which includes unique access to The Joy of the Gospel, a series of radio interview shows regarding important faith issues.

We continue to provide design and production services to Bishop Michael Sheridan, current editor Veronica Ambuul (who succeeded Howard in 2014) and her talented staff. To say we’ve been blessed by the relationship is an understatement. But thankful is probably the word that describes it best.

So if you’re looking for a creative resource that you can put your faith in, look no further.  Contact us today. Consultation and estimates are always free.

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