Show Me The Money!

In the year 2003, commemorative state quarters (come on, you know you have them) were released for Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, and Arkansas. It was also the year that the American Numismatic Association hired APEX to rebrand the country’s premier coin collecting club and money museum.

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) was founded in 1891 and has been located in Colorado Springs since 1966. The organization includes the Money Museum, the Numismatist (ANA’s monthly publication which preceded the organization’s charter and was first printed back in 1888), and numerous resources for money collectors and aficionados of all ages.

After an extensive research phase, APEX created a visual brand anchored by a unique pair of logos that symbolized the essence of coin collecting – that each coin has two sides. Consequently, we introduced the first two-sided logo in history! The front side of the logo (or obverse side in numismatic lingo) represented both the elusive 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, of which only 5 are known to be in existence and the iconic 1921 Liberty Head Dollar coin. The flip side (or reverse side) included the ANA acronym, a single star, and the obligatory year of creation – in this case, 1891 in honor of the association’s founding year. The logo pair was reproduced in gold and silver-gray colors which were the natural choice for the primary color palette.

The ANA’s vast and impressive treasury of coins and currency supplied APEX with a wealth (pardon the pun) of visual resources. The primary membership materials were created using existing ANA library photos which emphasized the exquisite beauty and detailed artwork of the museum’s collection pieces. Intricate scroll details from actual printed currency (also a large part of the museum’s archives) were also created as a system of background and textural patterns to add contrast and depth to the materials.

The project spanned several years and included a complete brand identity system, print and web materials, bookmarks, and other collectible items, as well as trade show signage and banners.

Looking back, the American Numismatic Association project result was determined by the flip of a coin. And it remains a valuable and treasured piece of our APEX history.

So if you are looking to strike gold with your next branding project, contact us today. Consultation and estimates are always free.

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