War Posters.

Leading up to the 100th anniversary of World War I, APEX created a series of posters to commemorate famous battles during the Great War. Proposing the project to the WWI Museum in Kansas City as a potential fund-raising opportunity, the posters were a labor of love that never quite made it out of the trenches.

Selecting a series of notable battles from the war, APEX suggested that the poster series could feature dramatic aerial or panoramic photos of the landscapes that have since returned to their natural beauty after the fighting that devastated the European continent from 1914-1918.

Our proposal for the project was to use limited and numbered, collectible prints signed by the photographer, and offered to museum donors to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the war in 2014. The posters would be offered either framed or unframed depending on donation levels.

Each poster would include the name and dates of the battle, as well as a short description of its significance. APEX provided the proposed designs using stock images and generated the copy content, in the hopes of hiring an expert landscape photographer to shoot the real battle scenics in Europe.

Alas, the project was not completed, and the posters remain in their preliminary but promising conceptual stage. Perhaps the idea will be resurrected for a future fundraising strategy, but for now heading “Over There” to shoot the photography remains an elusive goal.

If you’re looking for a unique fundraising project, we’d be happy bring our the creative energy to the fight.  Contact us today, consultation and estimates are always free.

All poster designs are © Copyright 2008 APEX Communications, Inc. Any copying or reproduction of the designs without prior consent is prohibited.

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