Brands We've Built

Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

APEX was hired to rebrand this iconic Colorado Springs landmark and cultural resource. The project, which we labeled "Remaking History" included extensive research, key personnel interviews and multiple onsite visits. Although well-recognized, the previous logo was overly simplistic, outdated and inaccurate. representation of the building. The new logo features a more accurate rendering of their landmark clock tower.


A rocket ship of young talent from the Pacific Northwest, Etumos is the thought leader in marketing technology, serving little-known clients like Google, Amazon and the Seattle Seahawks. APEX was hired to create a unique and releveant brand identity that continues to evolve (much like the industry). Strategically placed in the negative space between the three forward-moving logo elements is the Greek letter "Tau", which represents absolute truth–something that Etumos builds into the core of their laser-targeted marketing strategies.

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency

APEX has been privileged to include USADA in our client list for nearly two decades. Over that time, we have created their brand identity and established a relationship that has included design and branding projects from athlete literature and annual reports to high level brand strategic planning. We've even been privileged to design the office walls for this crucial force for fairness in sport.
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