Pointe System.

From 2008-2017, APEX worked with the marketing team at AspenPointe to create a system of unique and powerful annual reports. As Southern Colorado’s leading behavioral health provider, AspenPointe provided a wealth of community care and involvement. The annual report became a creative outlet to tell those success stories.

Yearly brainstorming sessions with AspenPointe’s marketing director Kevin Porter and his team gave birth to nearly a decade of small-format reports that reflected the organization’s behavioral health focus and programs. Each year produced a new creative surprise. From A Novel Approach to Wellness, which was created in a novella style, to Turning a New Leaf which used a lenticular aspen leaf cover image that changed from green to gold, to A New Spin on Health Care which included a working bright green fidget spinner infographic.

The 2011-12 report, entitled Uncovering the Past, Revealing the Future, was designed as a retrospective to complement Deep Roots, a coffee table book published by AspenPointe, chronicling their relationship with the Colorado Springs community since 1875. The annual report included images from real archival documents and publications that dated from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The 2016-17 report (A New Spin on Health Care) featured a multi-panel fold-out format highlighted by a colorful, interactive fidget spinner (a tool used by their behavioral health practitioners) that functioned as an infographic describing AspenPointe’s continuum of care.

Each unique annual report in the 10-year system was designed with the same finished dimensions for convenient storage and collection. And we’re happy to report that this long-term series of publications was one of our most rewarding collaborations.

So if you’re looking to score an A+ on your next annual report card, contact us today. Consultation and estimates are always free.

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