Victorious Campaign

Leading up to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, APEX teamed with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency to create a ground-breaking clean sport campaign. The project was conceived as an inspirational series featuring a dozen U.S. athletes who embraced the message of clean sport and pledged fair play in Olympic competition.

2008 U.S Olympians Lauren Williams and Allyson Felix were two of the successful and clean competitors featured in the USADA clean sport campaign.

The campaign logo was designed in an edgy and dynamic style, and was highlighted by an exaggerated “V” letterform that created a likeness of an athlete with arms raised in victory. The colors were pure patriotic—red, white and blue—and the tagline “I Compete Clean” was the battle cry of the athletes as they headed to China to compete for the United States in the XXIX Olympic Games.

The clean sport campaign included a series of posters, animated web ads (this was prior to widespread use of social media campaigns), and post cards for the athletes to sign and hand out to admiring fans.

The photographs used in the campaign were a selection of stunning action shots from some of Getty Images’ best sports photographers.

U.S. athletes were indeed victorious in the 2008 Olympics, taking home a total of 110 total gold, silver, and bronze medals—the most of any competing nation.

Today, USADA continues to be a global force in the fight against doping in sport. APEX has been a proud supporter of their clean sport cause for nearly two decades. And that constitutes a major victory in our book.

So if you’re looking for a big win with your next campaign, contact us today. Consultation and estimates are always free.

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